About Us

Author lives in Malang, INDONESIA, having an interest in regional science, management of environment and natural resources, and social economic development as well.
The author works as a lecturer in the department of Social Economics and Agribusiness at the Widyagama University, Malang. The author was appointed as professor on December 1, 2007, and officially confirmed on May 3, 2008 (the script oration download here).
Downtown square of MalangThis blog is a form of serving the author to the community based on the countless academic benefits throughout our life. This blog is a continuation of the author website at geocities.com, which since October 2009 is no longer operating.
Author appreciates and thanks readers for opinions, feedback and suggestions, for the sake of discussion and mutual benefit to the development and prosperity.
Best regard,
Iwan Nugroho
Widyagama University
Office Jl. Taman Borobudur Indah 3 Malang, 65128, INDONESIA.
Phone +62 341 492282 Fax. +62 341 496919
Email  iwanuwg@widyagama.ac.id, iwanuwg@yahoo.com

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